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Physical and logical security (Compliant to international security standards) for payment cards, ID and secured documents.


Sphinx provides "Physical Security Consultancy Services" to card manufacturing facilities, compliant with the "Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council LLC", and to be certified by VISA and/or MasterCard International, as well as automation of ISO 14298: Management of Security Printing Processes.


The scope of work includes the following:


  • Building layout design and physical requirements.

  • Security systems layout design and requirements.

  • Technical specifications of security doors and special doors.

  • Internal security procedures and security forms.

  • Personnel requirements and production requirements.

  • Storage & shipping regulations.

  • The necessary guide lines to the employees in charge of security procedures and concerns : (Security Manager - Security Controller - Security Auditor Security Receptionist ).

What matters really is your safety

Sphinx also provides "Logical Security Consultancy Services" complying to the requirements of accessing, transporting, and storing data utilized during card production/personalization.



The scope of work includes the following:


  • Security Policy and Procedures

  • Data Security

  • Encryption

  • Network Security

  • System Security

  • User Management and System Access Control

  • Key Management: Secret Data

  • Key Management: Confidential Data

  • PIN Distribution via Electronic Methods

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